Being Creative in our Craft Workshops


We use creativity in so many aspects of our life, from DIY, to projects at work, relaxation and very importantly, communication. Creativity is threaded through everything we do so developing this part of our life can have far reaching benefits for our well being. We can easily overlook the importance of this vital outlet of self expression. 

Art n Soul Creative Workshops let you explore and share your creative side in a friendly, welcoming and supportive atmosphere. Choose from a wide range of workshops in art, craft making, creative writing, dance, music and much more.

Discover your hidden talents. Express yourself. Meet like minded souls. Discover a new hobby. Share your creative ideas. Gain new friends.

We meet every third Saturday of each month from 2pm - 5pm

£20 per person

All materials are provided with tea and coffee freely available.

Please ring Helen to book your place on 01373 474509 or 07912 517113


Exercise Classes

We specialise in delivering exercise for individuals or small, private groups. We focus on functional training; fitness for everyday activities, improving posture, strength, co-ordination and balance. We use a blend of training activities, keeping it as challenging or as simple as you need, working on whatever aspect of fitness you want to develop.

New to exercise?

It can be difficult to know the best way to begin; what will be safe for you, how to achieve your goals or what type of exercise would be the most suitable and enjoyable. We can get you started, support your progress,  and keep you motivated as you work towards your personal goals.

Aches, pains or restricted movement?

If you find you have muscle or joint pain when exercising or have previously experienced difficulties with gym training or exercise classes, then try something that is designed with your personal needs in mind. We are all unique in our physical abilities and an exercise routine that may work for one person can cause problems for another. Train with someone who can assess your posture and movement and then design a training programme that will address muscle or postural imbalances and give you the functional fitness you need for every day.

Recovering from injury, illness or surgery?

If you are returning to exercise following an injury, illness or surgery then our closely monitored rehabilitation based exercise sessions will be of great benefit. They will help you steadily rebuild your general or specific fitness, helping prevent compensatory movement patterns and support you in achieving realistic fitness and lifestyle goals.

Often we try to do too much too quickly, pushing ourselves because we can either remember being able to do more than our body is now capable of or because we believe exercise must be hard or painful to be beneficial which is not true. What we need is progressive exercise, regularly changing the stimulus to create gains but being respectful of our limits. Our sessions are delivered by an experienced Personal Trainer, Rehabilitation and Sports Therapist who understands how to monitor your progress, adapting every session to your needs. They can provide you with essential lifestyle guidance, nutritional advice and ongoing support so you can experience the long-term benefits of improved health, fitness and well-being. 

Open session information:

Thursday 9.30am - 10am
Alternative sessions can be arranged
£6.00 per session


Aimed at providing a fun mix for general fitness, open to everyone, with a limited number of people per session so all exercises selections can be personalised to accommodate individual needs.

Before starting any of our sessions, a consultation will need to be completed before participation to ensure you are safe to begin exercising and to identify your abilities, needs, set realistic goals and discuss your preferred methods of training.

Initial session consultation fee:  £15 (20 minutes)

Training Packages:

Ideal for those looking for one-to-one, sports specific training or rehabilitation delivered over a course of either 6 or 12 sessions. Following your initial assessment we will design a progressive training programme, monitor your progress and provide lifestyle and nutritional advice to support your training/recovery. Sessions are 45 minutes in length and training times are arranged to suit you.

6 sessions: £180

12 session package: £240

To learn more about our classes or training packages, please call Helen on 07912 517113 or email