Holistic Health & Well-Being


At LifeCare Health we listen. We support and create positive change for those who are ready. We are empathetic. We are motivated by the desire to learn, excel  and integrate new skills for your benefit. We acknowledge our intuition. We embody an unconditional positive regard, fidelity & beneficence towards all our patients and clients. We'lI enjoy being challenged and finding solutions to help you as an individual.

We will walk alongside you on your journey to health & well-being.


The clinic will re-open on Monday 1st June.

Telephone consultations are currently available but we will be re-opening for face to face treatments on the 1st of June 2020. To keep us all safe we will need everyone attending the clinic to follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Please stay outside the clinic or in your car until your appointment time.
  • If you need to use the clinic's toilet facilities prior to your treatment, please return to outside of the clinic if your practitioner is not ready for you.
  • Please sterilise your hands at the cleansing station before entering the building and avoid touching any unnecessary surfaces.
  • When in the clinic if you meet another person, please keep 2 metres distance where possible.
  • If you have any symptoms of a cough or cold, please do not attend your appointment but contact your practitioner.
  • If you have a chronic / non-contagious cough or sneezing, please wear a face mask.

All practitioners will be using appriopriate PPE and sterilisation procedures. 

Thank you in advance for helping to keep everyone safe.



Acupuncture & Chinese Massage


Natural Energy Therapy

Natural Energy Therapy for animals

Osteopathy, including Cranial Sacral Osteopathy

Progressive Counselling

Sports/Remedial Massage


Creativity Craft Workshops

Physical Activity/Rehabilitation Classes

Online Support Courses including:

Being at Peace with Stress

Easy Steps to Rebuilding Confidence

(see below for online course information)

For qualification and Continued Professional Development courses,

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Home Support Services


LifeCare Health also offers a range of Home Support Services available to everyone, making life a little easier.

Services range from help with cleaning at home or doing the shopping to providing professional assistance with personal care for those wanting to continue independent living.  


Find out more about how we can help you, a family member or friend.


Patient Support Services

Online courses for self development


Convenient short courses you can access at any time, work through at your own pace and receive the guidance and support you need, when you need it.


A liberating online course helping you understand stress, build a positive approach to its challenges & learn techniques to support you through stressful times.

  • Understand what stress is & how it affects you physically, mentally & emotionally
  • Know the difference between positive & negative stress
  • Recognise the different stages of stress & the behaviours associated with them
  • Explore the effects of common stressors in the workplace, at home & socially
  • Learn your triggers & how to change or overcome them
  • Develop creative self care & coping techniques & gain mastery over your stress



If you suffer from self doubt, feel you are not good enough, find authority figures at work intimidating, worry about what other people think of you or are hurt by peoples judgement or criticism, this is the perfect course for you.

It is time to believe in yourself again

  • Learn how easily confidence can be eroded in everyday life, at work and home
  • Recognise the ways that negatively affect your personal confidence
  • Discover the simple steps to creating a firm foundation of self belief
  • Rebuild your self esteem & confidence

This course will transform fears & insecurities into self belief & confidence. 


These easy access courses guide you through all the information, techniques and self reflections you need to make the life changes you are looking for. Each course is accompanied by a printable workbook containing a copy of all the information contained on the website as well as questions to help you reflect on what you have learned and guidance on techniques to help you create change. Alternatively you can complete the workbook as a word document or request a paper copy if you are unable to print your own. Video talks are included for every topic, providing additional insights and talking you through some of the techniques. At any time you can arrange an additional one-to-one session by contacting your course leader.

To discuss the courses and choose what is right for you or to book your course email us at lchtrain@gmail.com

Course fee: £35 per course

All courses are non-transferrable