Helen Brown

Sports Therapy & Life Coaching



My name is Helen Brown and I am a Sports Massage Practitioner, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Rehabilitation Exercise Therapist and Lecturer. 

My career in Therapy began 23 years ago when I first began practicing as a Sports Massage Practitioner. I progressed from clinical practice into establishing GP referral schemes in the Southwest. Here patients with long term injuries or illness could receive the support, advice, treatment and exercise they needed to aid their recovery or transistion to living with life altering illnesses or injuries.

After several years I branched into a new direction; teaching.  I wanted to share what I had learned from my 10 years in the industry and was fortunate to be offered the post of Lecturer with an industry leading Health and Fitness Training Company. This gave me the opportunity to work and train with highly regarded Health and Fitness Professionals. For 8 years I taught Sports Massage, Fitness and Personal Training courses until I established LifeCare Health, a place where I could bring everything together into a single facility. 

Sports Massage Therapy

This treatment title can be a little off-putting because you don't need to be active or 'sporty' to benefit from sports massage. These treatments are of great value for everyone; 
our work, whether desk based or physically active, can lead to muscle imbalances and postural problems creating aches, discomfort and restrictions to our movements.

Sports Therapy can be used to take a detailed look at specific problem or a broad view of your overall lifestyle to create a treatment programme.

For those who are very active, either from a physically demanding occupation or through participation of regular sports or competitive events, massage can support the body's recovery and prevent tension or congestion building up the muscles which can lead to problems.

Another misconception is that sports massage is very painful. As a massage practitioner I am often working with tight, sensitive and already painful muscles but it is always possible, with good communication between patient and practitioner, to achieve comfortable but effective treatments.

Every practitioner is unique in their treatment style as it will be a combination of their individual skills and experiences. I practice Sports Massage with the belief that treatments are part of facilitating the body in healing itself. I have a very holistic approach, working with body and mind so create the right combination of treatment, listening, advice, self-management, nutrition and activity.